Thank you for your interest in being a brand ambassador for Mojo Pickleball. This is a very exciting time to be involved in pickleball, and we aim to bring fun and energy to the sport through our branded “addict” athletic gear and accessories. What are we looking for in a Team Mojo teammate?

  • Desire to grow your influence in your local/regional pickleball community
  • Be involved in tournaments or clinics (at least 4 national scale tournaments per year)
  • Be an instructor or involved with clinics
  • Have a social media presence
  • Have a passion to sell and promote Mojo Pickleball

As a brand ambassador for Mojo Pickleball, here is what you can expect:

  1. Free merch!
    • An addict branded short sleeve sports performance t-shirt ($26 retail)
    • An addict branded long sleeve sports performance t-shirt ($32 retail)
    • An addict branded Adidas t-shirt ($55 retail)
    • An addict branded 22 ounce tumbler ($30 retail)
    • Rating decal ($2 retail)
  2. 200 branded business cards with your promo code to hand out ($80)
  3. An affiliate code to give to your friends/followers for 16% off at
  4. Receive 25% off for any of your personal purchases
  5. Be a part of our quarterly meetings where we discuss likes, dislikes, new product ideas, colors options, everything!
  6. Exclusivity in an area – Once your promo code reaches $1500 total in a 12 month period (80 mile radius around your home courts)

As a brand ambassador for Mojo Pickleball, here is what we expect:

  1. You post yourself wearing our clothing or using our gear once per week on your social media channel(s).
  2. You use the follow # tags when posting (#mojopickleball and #pickleballaddict, and any others you would like to use)
  3. You wear our clothing or use our gear at the tournaments or training camps you go to…no contractual requirements, but love us!
  4. Be active, have fun and play pickleball!

We don’t have contracts, obligations or requirements. We are a small company making cool merch and want to grow with like minded, fun, and energetic people. At any time you wish to stop being an ambassador, all we ask is that you let us know (and we will do the same). It’s just that simple.

Team Mojo & PRO KENNEX Paddles

For those on Team Mojo that would like to earn additional money selling paddles, here is our deal!

  • Play with a ProKenned Paddle (we will give you a free paddle!)
  • Talk to everyone about the awesomeness of the paddles
  • Get a flat $40 when you sell one – without being a stocking rep!

Ultra Mojo

Want to be one of the faces of Team Mojo and become a sponsored player? Let’s talk! Fill out our contact form and Mojo will get with you within 72 hours!

Ready to get started? Fill out the application today!