Look Good On & Off The Courts

We all have to start somewhere… and most of us not as a pro. We don’t care where you’re at or where you’re going, only that you go there in style! Mojo Pickleball isn’t about how good of player you are, it’s about how good of a person you are. Our customers have swagger… they smile on the courts and are happy to be alive and kickin’… playing a game they love, not because they are the best, but because playing Pickleball makes them happier. They want to look good on and off the courts, and that’s where we come in.

The Team

It’s not big, just effective! <that’s what she said>

Vicki’s “Mrs. Mojo” background is in volleyball, but being almost 6′ tall and athletic, Pickleball comes naturally. She is knocking on the door of the 4.5 level and plays 4-5 times a week around Wilmington, NC. She is a power player and loves to drill… for hours!
Mojo plays singles, doubles and mixed doubles and is on the right side of 4.0. A tournament player, Mojo is fiercely competitive, and plays with a deep passion and love for the game. Mojo is the designer of our gear and runs the day to day operations of Mojo Pickleball.
Anne Merrills is the best 3.5 player on team Mojo. She is fun, energetic and always the life of party. She joined team Mojo in the summer of 2021 and we couldn’t be happier to have her. She plays with the new Black Ace and her favorite shot is her ‘power punch’ backhand.
Harvey is a Miniature Golden Doodle. He is 4 years old and loves to chew on Pickleballs. Harvey goes everywhere with Mojo and Vicki, and is their furry child. He enjoys chasing squirrels, eating his toys and receiving long belly rubs.

Mojo’s 10 Rules For Pickleball

1) Never miss a serve!
2) Strive to hit your return of serve deep.
3) 75% of the time, hit a 3rd shot drop.
4) Always try to keep your opponents off the kitchen line.
5) Get low at the kitchen line, bend your knees, shuffle your feet!
6) Be patient dinking, move your opponent to set your teammate up.
7) Create separation between you and the ball when the fast game begins.
8) Placement over power… almost every time.
9) Don’t get mad at yourself or your partner…it’s just Pickleball.
10) Always smile and be an encouragement to yourself and others!