Mojo Invite 2021 tournament round 1 and 2

Mojo Invite Round Robin July 24th 2021

The Party Is Over!

7/24 –  4pm-9:30pm

7/25 – 8am-Noon

The invitational was a success! Congrats to everyone that played, what fierce competitors you all are. 1st place went to the #1 seed coming out of Saturday’s Round Robin, Steve and Sue. 2nd place went to Eva and Troy and 3rd place was won by Tal and Yvette. A big thank you to everyone from Team Mojo! I will be putting pictures of the event on this page in the coming week…stay tuned!

1st Annual Mojo Pickleball
Mixed 4.0+ Invitational

Your Host – Mojo!

Your Host – Mojo!

Registered Teams:

Steve Reynolds + Lisa Groeschner           Tal & Yvette Wall

Dennis Brennen & Joni Walls                   Eva Aguirre &  Troy Miller

David & Stephanie Leonard                      Jeff Haynes & Gayle Hughes

Richard Holloman & Annie Boucher        Mr. & Mrs. Mojo

Gabby Schneider & Buffalo Huff              Steve Boswell & Priscilla Chambers

Steve Dayvault & Sue Brandt                    Bill Strahan & Bridget Tucker

Invitational  Information:

Saturday: Arrive at the HOP by 3:30pm, to register and get ready to take the courts at 4pm for warm up, until 4:20pm when round robin play will begin. This play is important as it will provide your seeding for the tournament on Sunday. This will be a great day, with you playing A LOT of matches in a fun format. Tiebreakers for seeding will be in this order: Win/Loss Record, Point Differential, then Head to Head Play. We will be playing with the Franklin X ball.

Sunday: Double elimination tournament, Winners bracket will be one game to fifteen, win by two. Opportunity bracket will be one game to eleven, win by two. One time out per team, per game. (If time allows, the Gold Medal match will be two out of three, play to 11, win by 2.) 

Fees: $69 per person, which includes: Entry fee (court costs for both days) for round robin and grand tournament, healthy snacks and drinks both days, commemorative custom Mojo Pickleball t-shirt, and most important, some fancy awards for the top 3 teams.

Your Next Steps: If you got an invite, hold your spot by paying before July 14th. You can PayPal ( or Venmo (@Todd-Muffley). Lastly, send me a text and let me know your shirt size!

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