Save Money On A Yearly Membership At The House of Pickleball!

Mojo Pickleball has signed a contract with the House of Pickleball(HOP) to offer CFPC Members 30% off of the Frequent Play Annual Membership($495). Sign up with Mojo to save $148.50 on your first year membership!

The House of Pickleball has 12 professional indoor courts that will not disappoint! They have open play, drop ins, private court rentals as well as leagues and tournaments. Did we mention the weather is always PERFECT at the HOP? No wind. No rain. Play with the people you want…it’s pickleball heaven!

If you would like more details, text Mojo at 317-614-5526 or fill out the form below. RESTRICTIONS APPLY! This offer is valid to only those people who have NOT had a HOP membership of any kind.

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