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Pickleball Monger “Control” T700

Pickleball Monger “Control” T700


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Experience the power of precision and spin with the Monger paddle T700 Toray, 16mm, a masterpiece of pickleball engineering.

Crafted with a relentless focus on performance and durability, its Toray T700 carbon-fiber surface grips the ball for unreal spin, while the robust polymer core delivers explosive power and ultimate control.

The seamless unibody construction ensures enduring stability and a formidable sweet spot that makes every shot count.

Take control of your game with the Monger paddle—where consistency meets exceptional play.

Turn Random Shots into Winning Streaks: Say farewell to inconsistent  play with the Pickleball Monger paddle’s precision honeycomb polymer core and T700 carbon fiber surface, ensuring precise control that turns every dink and drive into a deliberate, winning shot.

Combat Discomfort with Cushioned Control: The Monger’s 5-inch handle and PU leather factory grip provides a premium comfortable hold, increasing shock absorption and reducing fatigue for those epic matches and extended tournaments.

Experience Spin Mastery with Textured Surface: Don’t just play; dominate with spin. The Monger paddle’s raw Toray T700 carbon fiber surface amplifies your ability to execute unreal high-spin shots, confusing opponents and enhancing your shot-making arsenal.

Count on Consistency with Unibody Construction: Experience unmatched performance with the Monger’s one-piece construction seamlessly uniting the paddle face with the handle for enhanced stability and a reassuring durability that keeps your game consistent, shot after shot.

Maximize Reach without Sacrificing Speed: The Monger paddle, approved for official tournament play, brings a balanced blend of lightweight design and extended reach. Its 16.5″ length and protective edge band combine for agile strikes and long-lasting durability, ensuring that you outmaneuver opponents with ease while your paddle withstands the test of time.

Step onto the court with confidence and command every game. Click the button below to grab your Monger paddle now and transform your pickleball experience.

Don’t wait—elevate your game today and be the force to be reckoned with at every match!

2 in stock




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